Climate&Geo · 27. January 2018
Khuvsgol Lake is the deepest lake in Central Asia, with a maximum depth of 262 meters. Its water is crystal clear and fresh. The reflections of larch forests and Majestic Mountains in the lake water are amazing. This huge lake is situated on the north edge of Mongolia, and it covers an area of 2,612 square kilometers. It is a large lake, extending 143 kilometers north south and 39 kilometers east west.

Climate&Geo · 10. December 2017
Bayan Ulgii province is located in the West of Mongolia. West and North it borders with Russia and on the South with China. It is the highest province in Mongolia and located in Altai Mountains Range. The highest peaks, many over 4000m, are permanently covered with snow and glaciers. The highest peak is Khuiten 4374 meters above sea level.

Climate&Geo · 05. December 2017
The highest point in Mongolia is the peak of Khuiten Uul on the mountains of Altai Tavan Bogd, which attains an impressive altitude of 4374 meters above sea level.
Climate&Geo · 08. November 2017
Mongolia is geographically, historically and culturally an unique country in the world. it is undiscovered travel destination and safest country to visit. Situated between the great desert of central Asia and Siberian taiga forest. Mongolia contains diversity of natural regions like no other country in the world; the Gobi desert in the south, the vast steppe grassland of the East, and the great taiga forest of North, and great Altai Mountains in the west.
Climate&Geo · 23. June 2017
Western Mongolia is most beautiful region of Mongolia in Altai Mountains Range. It is remote and least traveled destination with different landscapes and diverse ethnic groups