Deepest Lake in Central Asia the Khovsgol Lake

Khuvsgol Lake is the deepest lake in Central Asia, with a maximum depth of 262 meters. Its water is crystal clear and fresh. The reflections of larch forests and Majestic Mountains in the lake water are amazing. This huge lake is situated on the north edge of Mongolia, and it covers an area of 2,612 square kilometers. It is a large lake, extending 143 kilometers north south and 39 kilometers east west. 

Plenty of fish are found in the lake such as Baikal Omul, Lenok, Umber, Siberian Graying and River Perch. The Khuvsgol National Park inculdes the towns of Khatgal and Khankh, and a ferry service operates between the two. Living in the National Park are members of Khalkh, Buriat and Darkhat ethnic groups, and in the taiga forest and foreststeppe live the Tsaatan Reindeer herders.