Bayan Ulgii Province is Most Western Province of Mongolia

Bayan Ulgii province is located in the West of Mongolia.  West and North it borders with Russia and on the South with China. It is the highest province in Mongolia and located in Altai Mountains Range. The highest peaks, many over 4000m, are permanently covered with snow and glaciers. The highest peak is Khuiten 4374 meters above sea level.

National Parks in Ulgii

There are 3 National Parks in Bayan Ulgii province. The Altai Tavan Bogd National Park located south of the highest mountains of Mongolia. it includes the Lakes Khoton, Khurgan and Dayan. The protected area offers a home to for many species of Alpine animals. Khokh Serkh National Park has similiar characters as Tavan Bogd and Tsambagarav National Park located 90km from Ulgii city and there are snow leopard, ibexes and many more wild animals.

Population of Bayan Ulgii Province

Population of Bayan Ulgii is over 100000 people and most of inhabitants about 89% are Kazakhs. The rest of the population is composed of Uriankhai, Dorvod, Khalkha and Tuvan ethnic groups.

Culture and Customs

The province is famous for the traditional practice of hunting with trained Golden Eagles. Local Kazakhs also very famous with their embroideries, tapestries and carpets. You can meet Tuvans who are masters of throat singing and they can produce two or three, sometimes even four pitches simultaneously. 

Religion in Bayan Ulgii

Kazakhs strongly influenced by Islam and they do practice religion of Islam. You can find many mosques in town center and as well each village has mosques. Tuvans practice Shamanism and rest of the  ethnic groups practice Buddism.