Trekking in Majestic Altai Mountains

Trek Altai Mountains

  • Tour Duration: 10 Days
  • Tour Dates: Available July-Sept
  • Tour Grade: Moderate
  • Tour Highlights: Trekking in Majestic Altai Mountains, see authentic culture of Kazakh and Tuvan people.

 majestic Golden Eagles hunting skills

Golden Eagle Festival

  • Tour Duration8 Days
  • Tour Dates: on Sept 17-18
  • Tour Grade: Moderate
  • Tour Highlights: Authentic Kazakh culture, Eagle hunting skills, majestic Golden Eagles.

Horse Trekking

Horse Trekking

  • Tour Duration: 10 Days
  • Tour Dates: Available June-Sept
  • Tour Grade: Moderate
  • Tour Highlights: Authentic horse riding experience, see majestic Altai Mountains, visit local ethnic groups

Experience real nomadic life

Discover Nomadic Mongolia

  • Tour Duration: 10 Days
  • Tour Dates: All season
  • Tour Grade: Moderate
  • Tour Highlights: Experience real nomadic life, stay with nomads, exposure to local culture, visit different ethnic groups