Western Mongolia and Altai Mountains Adventures

Travel Western Mongolia and Altai Mountains with us! We are local Mongolian Travel Agency: We offer Trekking tours in Altai Mountains, horseback riding tours, family and private tours, Golden Eagle Festival and Eagle Hunting Tours, Photo tours, Adventure Jeep tours and Nomadic Cultural tours. 

Trek Altai Mountains

Trek Mongol Altai Mountains in Western Mongolia. Experience nomadic lifestyle and meet different ethnic groups. Explore wild nature of Mongolia.

Horse Trekking Tour

Horse ride like descendants of Chinggis Khaan. Experience real horse riding in Mongolia. Explore natural beauties of Mongolia. 


  • GROUP SIZE 4-10

Discover Nomadic Mongolia

nomadic life mongolia

Combined tour that shows nomadic life of Mongolia. Horse riding, traditional dishes, golden eagle experience, visiting nomadic families and more of nature of Mongolia.

Golden Eagle Festival

golden eagle festival mongolia

Participate annual event of Golden Eagle Festival.  Experience real hunting skills of Kazakh nomads with Golden Eagle. Visit Eagle hunter family and explore wild nature of Mongolia

Tavan Bogd National Park Tour

Trek Altai Mountains-trekking in mongolia

Combined tour of trekking, horse riding and Tavan Bogd Mountain climbing. Explore Tavan Bogd National Park, Lakes, Mountains and visit local families.

Hunting with Golden Eagles

Stay with Golden Eagle Hunters and experience real traditional hunting experience. Explore Western Mongolian nature and visit local families.

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