Mongolia Travel Related Questions that Asked Frequently

How do I get to Mongolia?

Most tourists come to Mongolia by plane or train. All direct flights come from into Mongolia via Beijing, Moscow, Seoul, Tokyo and Berlin, as well from Istanbul-Bishkek-Ulaanbaatar. There is Tans-Mongolian train from Moscow or Beijing. Once you are in Mongolia there are domestic flights and shuttle buses to all provinces.

Is Mongolia Safe Destination to Travel?

Mongolia is one of the safest destination to travel. You will be astonished how locals are so welcoming and friendly. Mongolia has one of the lowest rate in the world. However, in Ulaanbaatar there is pick pocketing in crowded places such as bus stations and Bazars. Mongolia is the place that you can travel completely alone everywhere in the country.

What is the Accommodation like?

If you are having tours in Ulaanbaatar, then you can find hotels that rated from 2 star to 5 star luxury hotels like Shangri La Ulaanbaatar and Kempinski Hotel. During your trips around country, you will be camping in tents and ger camps. 

What is a Ger Camp?

A ger is a traditional round shaped dwelling that has been used by nomads for centuries in Mongolia. Ger camp is a place where you can find many gers used as hotel and motels. They have separate washing blocks that contains western style flushing toilets and hot shower. There would be electricity that you can charge your phones, cameras and other electronic devices. 

How is the food in Mongolia?

In general Mongolians consume dairy products and meat from cattle, sheep, horses and yaks, which are domesticated. Meat is mostly cooked or used in soups and dumplings. All Mongolian drink tea with milk.

In Ulaanbaatar you can have all kind of food Asian, European, Indan and traditional Mongolian. However, in countryside mutton,rice and noodles form the basis of the Mongolian diet.

Once you get our services, you will be having a cook who can prepare traditional and western style meals for you. You can inform us before the trip that if you are a vegetarian. 

When local offer traditional food and drink, Do I have to accept it?

You don't have to eat or drink everything locals offer to you. Maybe you are a vegetarian or allergic to dairy products, then just you have to explain to them and they won't be offended. We Mongolians all easy going and friendly, especially in country. So, don't be too concerned or worried about food in Mongolia.

What is the Mongolian currency?

Mongolian official currency is Tugrug (MNT=T). Togrog comes in notes of 20,000-10,000-5000-1000-500-100-50-20 and 10 notes. Usually small notes like 20 and 10 are not in use. 

The currency rate is:

$1=2392 ( 2018/02/18)

€1= 2967.73 (2018/02/18)

What money can I use in Mongolia? Is the any ATM machines?

In general, Mongolia is cash based society. US dollar and Euros are often easy to exchange and it is also useful to carry cash in local currencies. Everywhere local currency, the  Togrog is accepted. 

You can easily find ATM machines in Ulaanbaatar as well as in town centers of other provinces. However, there are no ATM machines in rural areas. 

Can I use Credit cards?

Both Visa and Mastercards are widely accepted in Ulaanbaatar and town centers of other provinces. You can use credit cards at the restaurant, supermarkets and hotels. Credit cards are not accepted in Bazar, Local small shops and groceries. It is always better to have cash in local currencies.