Special geographical points of Mongolia

Highest Point in Mongolia

The highest point in Mongolia is the peak of Khuiten Uul on the mountains of Altai Tavan Bogd, which attains an impressive altitude of 4374 meters above sea level.

Lowest Point in Mongolia

Khukh Nuur or Blue Lake is a deep body of salt water in Dornod Aimag (Province), convering 95 square kilometers. It abounds in many rare animals, birds and plants. In the vicinity of this lake is lowest point in Mongolia: 560 meters above sea level.

The Highest City in Mongolia

The city with the highest elevation is Altai town, the administrative center of Gobi Altai Aimag, at an altitude of 2181 meters above sea level.

The Lowest City in Mongolia

The city with the lowest elevation is Sukhbaatar city, the administrative center of Selenge Aimag (Province) in northern Mongolia, at an altitude of only 626 meters above sea level.

Largest Aimag ( Province) in Mongolia.

The province with biggest territory is Umnugobi Aimag, covering 165400 square kilometers. Mongolia is divided into 22 Aimags and each Aimag covers an aera of 74500 square kilometers on average.

Aimag with Largest Population

The Aimag with the largest number of people is Khovsgol Aimag with 117000 inhabitants. The average population size if the 22 Aimags is 78900 inhabitants.

Aimag Center Most Remote

The remoteness of some towns is considerable. The aimag center most remote from Ulaanbaatar is town of Ulgii, a remarkable distance of 1636km away. The most remote soum (village) from Ulaanbaatar is Bulgan soum in Ulgii aimag.

Aimag withe Largest Livestock herd

The aimag with the largest herd of livestock is Arkhangai Aimag with 2.3 million animals.