day tour to tolbo lake

Tolbo Lake is one of the biggest fresh water lake in Mongolia. There are several tour camps and it has a beautiful beach. Ideal place for fishing, day hiking and swimming. It is 45 km from Bayan Ulgii. Lake is surrounded by majestic colorful mountains. There are Kazakh families spend their summer pasture along the lake. 

9am Drive to Tolbo Lake

After breakfast, you will start driving towards spectacular Tolbo Lake. It takes around 45 minutes get to the lake.

10 am-12 pm Hike along the lake

Soft hike around the Lake. 

12 pm-13 pm Lunch break

Take a lunch at the Tolbo Lake restaurant. 

13:15-13:45 Boat tour

Take a boat and explore the lake

14:00-18:00 Swimming time

Swim at the Tolbo Lake and enjoy the beach

18:30 Start driving to Ulgii

Upon your arrival to Ulgii city, you will visit local Turkish restaurant Pamukkale and have a dinner. After dinner, you will be going to Friendship hill to see the night view of Bayan Ulgii city.