Western Mongolia the Roof of Mongolia

Western Mongolia is most beautiful region of Mongolia that covers provinces of Bayan Ulgii, Uvs, Khovd and Zavkhan. It is home to Altai Mountains Range, highest and oldest mountains range in central Asia that covers territory of Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

This place is home to many endangered and rare animals in central Asia such as Blue Goats the biggest wild goats in the world, ibexes and snow leopards, the Gobi Bear, antelope, gazelle, falcons, Golden Eagles, wolves and many more animals.


The region is most remote and least traveled destination with highest mountains peaks such as Khuiten Peaks 4374 meters from sea level, longest and biggest glaciers like Potanine glacier 20km long, largest saltwater lakes like Uvs Lake and many big and small lakes, rivers, forests and vast moon like steppe.

Very ideal place for adventure travelers, trekkers,hikers and people who like to experience authentic nomadic life, and diverse cultures with rich tradition like Eagle Hunting, Throat singing, that can be only experienced in Western Mongolia not anywhere else in the World.


In addition to that, in Western Mongolia diverse ethnic groups and tribes are living together, Kazakhs who are Eagle hunters and Muslim minority group speaking Turkish language. Tuvans who are throat singers with Shamanic believes, Uriankhai people who are archery masters in Mongolia, Dorvod, Khoton and Khalkh Mongols.


Traditional arts such as Eagle hunting, handcraft making and throat singing are still practiced and kept generation to generation as they have been for thousands of years. These groups adopted and preserved their nomadic culture, customs to live with the cold climate of Mountainous areas of the region.

In this region Mongolian is widely spoken in all provinces. In Uvs province Dorvod and Baiad dialect is widely used. In Bayan Ulgii people mostly speak Kazakh language and in some villages like Tsengel in Bayan Ulgii there is Tuvan language is used.


Tourists can communicate with local people in Russian and English, local people can understand basics of Russian and young generation can speak little English. English language is becoming more popular foreign language due to Tourism Development in this area.


Travelling to Western Mongolia gives unique experiences with different landscapes and diverse ethnic groups. It is still undiscovered and remote region from central part of Mongolia.