Mongolian Ger, Traditional Mongolian Dwelling

Mongolian Ger is a traditional dwelling of nomadic people. Foreigners might say Mongolian tent or Yurt, but it is more than a tent and nomads have been living in it for centuries. It is most convenient housing for nomads living in Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Kirgizstan. Mongolian ger durability, lightness and low cost are tremendous advantage to the nomads. 

Mongolian Ger History

Mongolian ger or in general nomadic yurts have been a distinctive of life in Central Asia for at least two and a half thousand years. The first written description of a yurt used as a dwelling was recorded tb the ancient Greek historian Herodotus. He described yurt like tents as the dwelling, a horse riding nomadic nation who live in the northern Black Sea and Central Asian region from around 600 BC to AD 300.

How to make Mongolian Ger

Mongolian ger is mostly made of wood and other locally available materials. Traditionally yurts consist of an expandable wooden circular frame carrying a felt cover. The felt is made from the woold of the flocks of sheep. 

Mongolian Ger Structures

Floor: Traditionally there is no floor for a ger, however in modern days nomads using lots of materials for the floor such as even wood materials or making it from concrete inside their fences. In general, nomads just set the ger up on grass or an even surface.

Door: It is made of larch wood. Outside in inside of door is very much decorated.

Lattice wall: The number of lattice wall determines the size of the ger. Camel hide cut in narrow straps is the mot suitable material to securely join wood to make the lattice wall.

Rafters: Depending on the size of the Mongolian Ger, there are from 36 to over 200 rafters to join the lattice wall and the lattice wall and the crown wheel. 

Mongolian Ger Cover

Mongolian ger inner cover: It is made of white cotton fabric.

Sheep wool felt insulation: In general two layers of the felt are used during the winter, and one layer during warm seasons.

Sheep wool felt insulation: For the wall. Like the roof insulation, two layers can be sued if extra warmth is necessary.

Waterproof layer: This layer is very important to keep the felt layers dry. This layer is usually a thin canvass.

Outer cover: Mongolian ger have outer covers made of heavy duty canvass. The cover can be decorated with various traditional Mongolian decorations.

Mongolian Ger Interior

Stove Fireplace: The stove fireplace is the center of the home and is used for both heating and cooking.

Chests: Chests are used for storing the most valuable items and other belongings.

Beds: Beds are typically low platform or mattresses placed on the both sides.

Table and Chairs: A small tables and chairs are usually provided for dining.

Kitchen: The kitchen is typically a small area near the stove with shelves for storing diches and food.