People&Culture · 20. December 2017
Dukha or Tsaatans people who domesticate reindeer and are natives of Russian Siberia and Khovsgol the northernmost province of Mongolia. Originally from across the border in what is now Tuva Republic of Russia. The Dukha are one of the last groups of nomadic reindeer herders in the world. They domesticate reindeer, use them as means of transportation, ride them and milk them to make their dairy products. In many ways reindeer considered as member of their family and treated respectfully. They...
People&Culture · 22. November 2017
Ovoo is worshiped and respected place in Shamanistic belief. Ovoos are also sites of several ceremonies during the year, which nearby families or clans would celebrate in honor of the local spirit as well as Father Heaven and Mother Earth and other Shamanist spirits.

People&Culture · 23. June 2017
Hunting with bird of prey Golden Eagle and falcons have been practiced for centuries in human history, originated among nomadic tribes in Central Asia around 6000 years ago.