Mongolia in the Asia

Mongolia is geographically, historically and culturally an unique country in the world. it is undiscovered travel destination and safest country to visit. Situated between the great desert of central Asia and Siberian taiga forest. Mongolia contains diversity of natural regions like no other country in the world; the Gobi desert in the south, the vast steppe grassland of the East, and the great taiga forest of North, and great Altai Mountains in the west.


Mongolia is a country like a museum of flora and fauna. You can see unique places, rare plants, animals and birds in Mongolia which you are not seen anywhere else in the in the world. It is possible to count stars under the clear blue sky of Mongolia.

Capital city Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar is a capital of Mongolia. City is main economical, industrial, cultural, political and financial center of Mongolia. Almost half of the country's population about 1.5 million people live in the city. 


Mongolian population is 3.09 million (June,2016,NOS). Khalkha Mongols (86%), Kazakhs (6%) and other small ethnic groups live in Mongolia. Each ethnic group has their own language and have their unique culture.


Mongolian is official language and widely spoken throughout the country. As well as Kazakh language is spoken in the West in Bayan Ulgii province.


Tibetan Buddism practiced almost all over country. Kazakhs who live in the west practice Islam. In capital city Ulaanbaatar there is small number of Christian community. Shamanism still has a big influence all over Mongolia. You can find many Shamans in Western and Northern part of the country. 


Mongolia is seventh largest country in Asia and 18th largest in the world. The country covers 1,564,100 sq, km. that can include the territory of all Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy.

Average Altitude

1580 m above sea level.


Vast semi desert and plains, mountainous regions in the West and South West, the Gobi desert is South and South East.


Mongolia is parliamentary republic.


Mongolia traditionally based on agricultural products and livestock. The country has rich mineral deposits of gold,copper,molybdenum, uranium. In modern days Mongolia's economy is mainly depend on mining sector which is influencing other sectors to grow.

National currency

National currency is Togrog (MNT)

1 US Dollar=2447 Togrog

1 Euro=2837 Togrog

Time zone

+8hours to GMT

Mobile Phone

GSM 900.1800 and CDMA 450,800,1900