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Travel Info · 30. January 2018
Most tourists come to Mongolia by plane or train. All direct flights come from into Mongolia via Beijing, Moscow, Seoul, Tokyo and Berlin, as well from Istanbul-Bishkek-Ulaanbaatar. There is Tans-Mongolian train from Moscow or Beijing. Once you are in Mongolia there are domestic flights and shuttle buses to all provinces.
Travel Info · 07. December 2017
Currently Mongolia maintains 31 embassies abroad. Below we have listed countries alphabetically by country such as starting from Australia and ending with United Kingdom and Vietnam.
Travel Info · 03. December 2017
Web: Fly to/from Internationally Beijing Berlin Franfurt Moscow Tokyo Seoul Hong Kong Moscow-Berlin
Travel Info · 10. June 2017
You can travel to Mongolia any time to enjoy incredible landscape and nomadic cultural life. Mongolia has 4 seasons and each season has its own uniqueness to offer.