Exploring The Altai Mountains: Mongolia's Best-Kept Secret

Are you searching for a journey off the beaten path? Do you dream of exploring a quietly magical corner of Mongolia, where jagged mountains stretch to the heavens and wild horses roam free?


Then look no further than the mysterious Altai Mountains Mongolia – long taken into consideration and certainly considered one of Mongolia's best-kept secrets. We, at Westernaltai, aim to offer travelers with all the information about this hidden gem.



From Mongolia's highest point, Mt Khuiten, which lies 4374m/14,350ft above sea level in northwestern Mongolia, to navigating its terrain from alpine meadows and large steppes; Join us as we discover the excellent wonders of the Altai Mountains in Mongolia!

Altai Mountains – Uncovering Mongolia’s Best-Kept Secret

Nestled inside the picturesque western area of Mongolia lies in the Altai Mongolian region, this stunning mountain range offers a haven for adventurers seeking an unconventional journey.



Standing tall at more than 14,000 feet, this secluded destination hosts a wide array of wildlife, distinct environments, grasslands, and high-altitude plant life.

Majestic Peaks - The Highest Mountain In Mongolia

Tavan Bogd Mountains, Mongolia's highest mountain range, is situated in the Altai Mountain region.


Tavan Bogd Mountains are famous for their snow-capped peaks and glaciers, which provide a spectacular panorama. The highlands also have unusual fauna, such as Kazakhs who hunt with Golden Eagles and Tuvan throat singers.


Here are some of the highlights of Mongolia's Altai Mountains:


     The Malchin Peak

     A true Nomadic culture

     Sighting a Golden Eagle and meeting an eagle hunter


     The White River Valley



Trekking In The Altai Mountains

For those who love adventure, exploring the Altai Mountains would be an extraordinary journey. These mountains showcase Mongolia's untouched and magnificent scenery.


When you trek in the Altai Mountains, you not only witness the area's natural beauty but also become a part of the local culture. You can discover the Altai Mountains at different levels of difficulty, from easy day hikes to challenging multi-day adventures that require thorough planning and skills.


 Among the well-known hiking routes are the Tavan Bogd Base Camp journey, the Khar Airag Valley adventure, and the Bear Valley exploration.

Horse Trekking In The Altai Mountains

Discovering the wonders of Mongolia's natural beauty, traditions, and past by embarking on horseback adventures offers a genuine and one-of-a-kind opportunity to immerse yourself in the essence of this extraordinary country fully.


Horseback exploration strongly connects to Mongolia's cultural heritage and remains an integral part of the lives of the rural Mongolian population.


Embarking on a horseback journey will lead you to remote corners of Mongolia, inaccessible by traditional vehicles, offering you an unparalleled opportunity to engage with the landscape and culture from a truly distinctive vantage point.


You can choose from several horse treks at some point in Mongolia, which include the Gobi Desert, Altai Mountains, and the Khentii Mountains.



Nomadic Culture Of Altai Mountains

Nomadic living has been a key part of Mongolia's past, especially in the Altai Mountains. Numerous nomadic groups, including the Tuvans, Kazakhs, and Mongols, live in this region, each having its own customs and way of life.


By digging into the nomadic living in the Altai Mountains, we can get deep insights into how the inhabitants of Mongolia's nomadic villages go about their everyday lives.


 Their customs, traditions, and everyday activities include milking cows, making conventional dairy products, and experiencing throat-making song performances.

The Golden Eagle Festival And Eagle Hunting Tours

One of the most important traditions of the Kazakh nomads in Mongolia is using Golden Eagles for hunting. The Golden Eagle Festival celebrates this culture yearly in the Altai Mountains.


Golden Eagle Festival and Eagle Hunting tours provide an excellent possibility to witness the age-antique culture of eagle hunting. During these tours, you can get up-close and personal with the Golden Eagles and the Kazakh eagle hunters, witnessing their hunting abilities and traditions.

Adventure Jeep Tours

An adventure jeep tour in Mongolia is a superb way to discover the country's wonders without hiking or horse riding.


Adventure jeep tours cover large distances and permit you to attain the maximum remote corners of Mongolia, offering you a unique attitude on the country's numerous landscapes, including the Altai Mountains.

Adventure jeep tours provide a higher and more comfortable manner of traveling long distances in the region.

How To Book A Trekking Or Hiking Tour With Western Altai

If you’re interested in coming across Mongolia's far-flung areas, Western Altai is an excellent travel organization that lets you make it happen.


Here's the way to book your trekking or hiking tour:


1. Explore The Options: Western Altai offers several tours, from horseback riding and cultural tours to trekking inside the Altai Mountains, Mongolia, and much more. You must first choose the type of trip you would want to have.


2. Contact Western Altai: Once you have found the tour that caters to your interests, contact Western Altai via their website or email, and they may offer you all the data you need.


3. Plan Your Itinerary: Western Altai's skilled staff can assist you in designing your itinerary in line with your travel needs, preferences, and budget.


4. Book The Tour: Once satisfied with your itinerary, you must confirm your booking by paying the tour price.


5. Prepare For Your Trip: Western Altai's staff will help you with travel arrangements. which include visa advice, device hire, and important permits.

Wrapping Up

Explore the enchanting Altai Mountains in Mongolia, a vast landscape that stretches from alpine meadows to the towering peak of Mt. Khuiten in Mongolia. Now that we have unveiled the myriad treasures of this hidden wonder, we invite everyone to appreciate its splendor.


Whether you're embarking on a hike or venturing down the rivers, allow Western Altai to be your trusted companion as we uncover mysterious marvels and encounter new ones. Don't wait any longer; set off on your adventure today!



Prepare yourself, pack your bags, and become part of our extraordinary journey to discover Mongolia's well-kept secret - the Altai Mountains!